Uncontrolled and abnormal growth of cells in our body can be termed as Cancer. Cancer can be synonyms to malignancy or abnormal cell growth.

It can start anywhere in the body where there is presence of cells and can spread anywhere in the body.Normal cell function consists of a periodic formation of new cells and disintegration of old cells. Cancer incidence is a state where the cells behave abnormally disturbing the periodic functioning of formation and disintegration is disturbed, leading to cancer cells multiplying, forming excess cells in the form of a tumor.These tumors can spread anywhere in the body and affect other tissues, hence being Malignant or Cancer . Some cancer cells break off and spread to different areas in the body causing new tumors. Removal of malignant tumors may not guarantee complete immunity, it may grow again.

  • All types of Cancer do not produce solid tumors e.g. Blood cancer or leukemia.
  • All tumors formed are not malignant, Benign tumors are those which do not spread and are large in size. Once removed, they show less or negligible chances of reoccurrence. These are not Cancer.
  • Cancer cells differ from normal cells in a way that normal cells are work specific cells and cancer cells are normal cells which undergo unrestricted duplication. 
  • Cancer cells can hide in the immune system and hence cannot be eliminated by the immune system on its own.
  • Cancer biology says it to be a genetic disease where in there are alterations to the genes which control the functioning of cell growth.


Cancer is a compilation of diseases and not in any single form of disease.There are more than 100 types of cancer depending on the places where the infection starts.
The signs and symptoms of Cancer may differ as per the type and intensity of the cancer. If the cancer has spread, the symptoms may vary accordingly.
When Cancer occurs in critical areas or near important organs, the symptoms are noticeable whereas if the type of Cancer if of some internal areas, there are no signs or symptoms observed at early stage. They are only observed when the tumor has already spread or is at critical stages.
Cancer symptoms can be very generic and sometimes may not even be linked to the affected areas.
Cancer cells releases substances in immune system and our immune system reacts to the released substance and not the Cancer.There may be certain symptoms such as fever, loss of energy, weakness, loss of appetite, coughing which generally are low immunity symptoms but can be Cancer symptoms at times.
There are some early detection tests for diagnosis of Cancer, link is :
Some generic symptoms are listed below but these may not be primarily Cancer symptoms and one must not rely completely on these to conclude cancer.
Detailed tests, however should be taken to ensure the existence of Cancer.


Unexpected weight loss

Unexpected weight loss of 5kgs and more can be an initial cancer symptom. It may be related to Cancer of stomach, pancreas, lungs or esophagus.


Fever is common with cancer but is not a prominent sign for cancer. It may be associated with blood cancer or Leukemia.


It can be associated with some kind of stomach Cancer or Leukemia, however is not a significant symptom.


Uncommon pain may prove as a symptom to bone cancer, brain tumor and cancers of colon, rectum or ovary.

Skin changes

Excessive hair growth, itching, yellow skin, red skin are certain changes observed in certain Cancer conditions.

Bladder infection

These symptoms are associated with colon or bladder or prostate cancer.

Unhealed sores

These may be related to skin cancer or oral cancer.

White patches inside the mouth

These are signs of Leukemia, if not taken care of gets converted to mouth cancer.

White spots on tongue

Similar to patches in the mouth, these are also relate to Leukemia.

Unusual bleeding or discharge

These symptoms may be noticed by person suffering from lung cancer

Lump or thickening on certain parts of the body

These are basic symptoms if occurring in breasts or testicle may be an early stage of cancer.

Indigestion or trouble swallowing

These symptoms may be linked to esophagus, stomach or throat cancer.

Recent skin changes or appearance of new skin:

This may be a typical case for skin cancer and the symptoms should not be avoided.

Nagging cough and soreness

these symptoms may be linked to lung cancer or caner of thyroid gland.


Cancer prevention and treatment differs as per the type of cancer and the severity of it.
Most treatments involve some traditional treatments and some new treatments.

Surgery– This is used as a traditional method for diagnose, prevent and cure cancer. The number of surgeries to be undergone may vary as per the type and intensity of Cancer.
There are some side effects observed during and post-surgery. They are, bleeding, blood clots, damage to nearby organs, pain, infection.

Chemotherapy– Chemotherapy is the treatment in which strong drugs are used for the treatment. The choice of drug is based on the area and intensity of cancer. This is used to kill cancer cells and stop the cancer from spreading. Can be used to lower the size of tumor before surgery and radiation.
Chemotherapy drug can be in the form of a pill, a liquid o even in the form where it is injected into the blood vein.

Nausea, hair loss, bone marrow changes, fertility problem, memory changes, emotional changes are some of the side effects of Chemotherapy.

Radiation– Radiation is use of radiation or high energy waves such as X-rays, Gamma Rays, electron beams or photons to kill cancer cells.
This, unlike chemotherapy, exposes the whole body to the cancer fighting drugs.

It may be given in three ways, external, internal, systemic radiations.

Hormone therapy.

Immunotherapy– This treatment uses a person’s own immune system to fight diseases such as cancer.
Can be done in two ways:

Internal stimulation and external stimulation.

Types of immunotherapy are:

  • Monoclonal antibodies.
  • Immune checkpoint inhibitors.
  • Cancer vaccines.
  • Other, non-specific immunotherapies.

Stem cell transplantation– this type of treatment is given when the cancer is affecting your blood or immune system such as Leukemia, Lymphoms,etc
There may be some side effects observed for this type of treatment.

Blood Transfusion. – This involves supplying blood cells externally when a person is bleeding and cannot produce blood cells on its own.
Cancers related to blood or fluids may need this treatment.
Lasers treatment– Laser treatment can be used to bur cancer cells through laser light exposure.


There are rare cases to spreading of cancer during surgery. With recent advancements and usage of small needles during biopsy has reduced the risk of spreading of cancer cells.

Cancer cells do not react with air and hence there are no possibilities of spread or infecting the cancer when exposed to air.Cancer cells do not react with air and hence there are no possibilities of spread or infecting the cancer when exposed to air.

It is not the only option but it is the basic form and can prove much effective before the surgery and radiation and also it is best solution to check the growth of cancer cells.

One may very well do all the daily necessities and work during the treatment however due to some side effects, people hold themselves back. One must not fear the treatment and must continue their routine.

Pregnancy during the treatment may harm the baby so one must avoid being pregnant during the treatment.

Cancer fighting foods such as leafy vegetables, berries and many more if consumed regularly may prevent come cases of cancer but it does not cure cancer. Cancer treatment needs to be taken to cure cancer.

Cancer has no longer been an incurable disease, advanced treatments and researches has made cancer curable. So, you may relive your life the same way as you do earlier by opting for correct treatment and medication.


Cancer being a dreadful disease of time is not limited to certain individuals expose to certain situations. It can happen to anyone, anywhere. Being diagnosed with cancer should not let you stop from living your life. Advanced treatments and medications have made it possible to survive Cancer.

Once detected Cancer, one should undergo the necessary treatments and complete the course of medication to eliminate the possibility of reoccurrence. Most of the medications are covered under cancer insurance by most healthcare companies.

We are here providing you the most trusted medicines at economical rates as no one should be denied treatment.

Go get the treatment, we will look out for the rest. 

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