Affordable care

at your doorstep

The LifeMeds team works at the forefront of bridging the gap between expensive lifesaving formulations and the common man.

Who we are?

LifeMeds.co is a venture that has stemmed from over 10 years of experience in generic alternatives of Critical Care medicines. We pride in our expertise in sourcing medicines directly from manufacturers and distributors at the best prices to help bring affordable care to your doorstep.

We aim to use our knowledge of generic drugs to help patients deal with critical illnesses without agonising about the expenses. We understand that these diseases can be frightening and their medication highly expensive. Whether you need information, affordable medicine or expert advice – we are here to assist you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Our Philosophy

Our tagline- ‘Affordable Healing’, in ingrained in the hearts of all our team members. Our efforts are consciously directed towards making medicines affordable for you and your loved ones. We work directly with the best manufacturers to ensure that the products that we pass on to you are a 100% genuine and safe to use. Your health is our priority.


We provide a wide range of branded medicines and their generic alternatives. If you don’t see a medicine you need on our shop, ping us and our team will help you get it! Ping us on chat or drop us a line at [email protected] for more information.


Ever had to make a decision like breaking your child’s college fund to save your life? We strongly believe that no one should ever face such a situation. We use our experience in sourcing generics to get you the best prices possible on all critical care medicines.


The LifeMeds team has over a decade of experience in shipping critical care medicines. We stand with you every step of the way till the medicines reach your doorstep. That’s not all- a very dedicated team member will make it his/her aim to make your journey easier.



Hello, I am Ema. Mother of two, I am a single parent working hand to mouth. My daughter Jannet, being 10, has been diagnosed with a tumor and the doctors have noted the preliminary stage of cancer. My friend suggested your name as she had read it in a blog and I went through your website for more information. The minimalistic rates for the generic medicines you provide was a relief and the chat support with the robust and tenacious team person gave me confidence. The information in all the discrete genre is very extensive and elaborate and has brought to my notice so many facts I was unaware of. My daughter means the world to me and with this advent at such a tender age I was broken and helpless. The agony is that, I am her hero and this time her hero has no powers to rescue her. We are fighting and it is good to have someone’s back. With the insights from the website and the talk with her doctor, we have started her treatment and she is coping well with it. I want to thank you for your sincere support and for giving hope to us. Bless you.


Fighting the mid-life crisis, this is Nick thanking you for helping me sort my life to an extent. It was about six months ago that I was diagnosed with HIV and my life came to a still. I could see my dreams, my ambitions fading away with each passing day. Visit to the specialist definitly gave hope and an exorbitant budget. Trying to fight with the basic needs and HIV at the same time started seeing impossible. Playing with all my luck, in my desperate search for managing money I came across your name in a blog. Skeptical about the whole thing and looking at the rates made me curious about you and I finally visited the website. Unlikely of what I expected it to be, it turned out to be a savior. The information you provided on the website resolved the ambiguity and the constant explanations to all my concerns made it more believable for me and also convinced me that I am in safe hands. Unaware, that the medicines can be so cheap, many like me would have to compromise a lot. Thanking you for creating this platform for I am able to continue my treatment well within my reach and hoping to resume my life where I left off.


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